Create and manage your ads alerts

What is it?

An alert is the most practical and fastest way to be notified by email of new ads published on the website. For example: You're looking for a Ranger 22 sailboat. Just select the category 'Sailboats', manufacturer 'Ranger Yachts', and model 'Ranger 22', enter your name and email, and click save. Your alert has been created. Every time a seller posts an ad for a 'Ranger 22', you'll be notified by email.

How it works:
  1. 1 - Click on create alerts.
  2. 2 - Select the category, manufacturer, and model of the boat you want to receive alerts for.
  3. 3 - Enter your name and email.
  4. 4 - Save and done. Alert created!

You can create as many alerts as you want.